Feature Video – Complete Back Story of the Crime of the Century

This is my Feature Video, conveying an outline of my story.

I am a writer, an artist, and a lover of peace and the beauty of nature. Standing for truth and honour, I believe we all deserve justice, equal rights and dignity. I have made a feature video because visuals tell a story remarkably clearly.

As a consequence of my many trials and tribulations, I am telling my life experiences in my Books. This campaign is certainly a work in progress, but my aim is to have my books in print as quickly as my abilities and time frame will allow.

I have a lot of big stories to tell! Visit my Back Story category to start to unfold the saga. Furthermore I am creating Podcasts and Videos.  In conclusion, my most noteworthy goal is to have my stories told in film!

My life has consisted of a multitude of battles for justice. It seems too much for one person’s experiences, but sadly my time on earth has been continually enveloped with these battles.

More of my videos can be seen on my YouTube Channel. My videos will expand in content as I find the time to create more.

It would be my great honour to have your support for my campaign. If you feel inclined, you can support me through Patreon.



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