Mikky Eagle

Author / Writer of Memoirs

I love to tell stories– specifically on TRUE CRIME.
I am telling my stories, which I consider to be
Mikky Eagle
Mikky Ragle Home Property

Mikky is rather a recluse these days, living in a valley of the South Eastern region of Queensland, Australia with a view of society and culture via looking in from the outside, so to speak.

Each day, in the retreat of Peregrine Park, is an endless exploration of existence, consciousness, and feeling what it is to be a human being – living close to nature. Being focused on a natural and sustainable way of life, taking us back to who we really are without the pressures and health and wellness issues that modern life creates, is Mikky’s main occupation.

The family’s forty acre sanctuary and small farm creates an atmosphere conducive to introspection, opening, and playing, which are too often lacking in our fast-paced world.

Mikky shares a home with some of her family of four adult children – and a host of friends from the animal kingdom. All of her children were ‘unschooled‘, more commonly termed home schooled, away from the standard Education System, basing their education on the Steiner and un-schooling philosophies. The result of using these philosophies is a group of strong-minded, intelligent, independent people who have such a wealth of insight and knowledge that it is wonderful to behold!

There is a continuous stream of fascinating and interesting experiences on the property. Home to various wildlife, it has unlimited areas for wandering, lovely water lily strewn dams for the water supply if the rainfall is insufficient (which unfortunately it frequently is), rock gardens and pools to cater to their love of the Japanese style, a multitude of spectacular birds, kangaroos, koalas, dairy house-cows, horses, and too many others to list.

Mikky hasn’t always lived in this Valley. She used to live in Victoria, and drive to work wearing classical suits. She was a successful Secondary School Teacher with the Victorian Education Department. Her credentials are broad, both educationally and experiential. A trained Secondary School Teacher, Mikky has been studying in many and varied fields all of her adult life. She originally gained her qualifications in the Fashion industry, and has additional higher training in the fields of education, psychology and philosophy, as well as in natural sciences and the arts.

She has done extensive practical training in the ways of the shaman and numerous other aspects of spirituality. Still learning and exploring daily, Mikky’s keen interests are a mixture of health, wellness and nutrition, sustainability, philosophy, and art / craft – all uniting mind and body into a spiritual outlook.

Her past careers span the gamut of experience from owning three retail stores and a small franchise, to fashion designer, to selling Cane Toad skins and wet submarines and divers’ tows on the international market!

Using her vast life experiences and her empathic nature, she is committed to finding out what is possible for ‘us‘ as human beings.