Fire is never a gentle master but what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

Devastation, Fire, Arson —– It is unforgivable!


The blaring noise harshly broke out against the stillness of the night, jolting her awake as she sat bolt upright in bed.  It took her a few seconds to realise that what had woken her was the ‘phone ringing.  Fumbling around in her sleep grogginess, she reached across to the bedside table, picking up the receiver.  “Hello?”  She queried the caller with hesitance in her rather shaky voice.  It was distressing to receive a call at 4am. After all, it could only mean some sort of trouble, as nobody rings to just chat at that ungodly hour.

One word in the message that was being conveyed to her rang madly in her ears, blocking her sensibility – FIRE!

She hung up the ‘phone, trembling with shock.  “My God!”, she thought, “Why is this Devastation, Fire, Arsonhappening?”  She sat stock-still for some minutes, wild thoughts racing around her mind as she tried to grasp the intensity of what was taking place. 

In amongst her anguished thoughts she was playing out the scenario of only a week or so ago.  George had rung at a similarly early hour to tell her that unruly kids had fought in the street at the front of the shop, hurling a large wheelie-bin against the front glass in their skirmish.  The window had smashed and George had held the fort whilst the police attended, arranging also to board up the gaping hole.  She was faced with the same dilemma then, as now. She couldn’t just leave the house as her mother and kids were not able to be left on their own, and there was no-one else to call on, other than the carers who tended to her mother. That was impossible at this early hour.

She spent the next couple of hours in a state of panic.  Because of all of the events that had taken place over the past six months, she now wasn’t really sure if she had any insurance on the Gallery and the business.  Everything had been so hectic and unstable, and so very dramatic – and now this!

…………………… And so reads just a snippet from a chapter of one of my books.

Fire Spirits - Devastation, Fire, ArsonThe sound and vibration of the Fire Spirits calls with an harmonic invocation. These mythical wisps, attractive with a thin, elongated shape that dwindles away at the bottom, are so very dangerous, having the ability to evoke powerful emotional currents. These emotions are exceedingly stirring and, as such, are held in awe!

Fire is certainly destructive, but is never random  – instead it is guided. In the case of the fire that burned my Gallery, it was most definitely guided – by the ruthless man who lit the match!

Arson is unforgivable!
This devastating fire burned a massive hole in my existence. I lost my beautiful Gallery, but more so, I totally lost faith in humanity. Justice could not, or would not, apprehend the arsonist who stole all of this from me!

Join with me as I unfold more of my stories 😉


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